Welcome to The Yoga Whole, a small neighborhood studio established in 2011, that is seeking to create a big sense of community. As owner of this residential Mount Lebanon, PA studio, I knew that I wanted to create something different, something that gave a real sense of belonging to the students and teachers who would find their way through its doors, and not just another place to do or teach yoga.

It is the Philosophy of The Yoga Whole that Yoga is not something that you do merely for exercise, it is a lifestyle choice, a choice that becomes a part of the fabric of your life, your family, your community, your world…your Whole existence. I knew this for myself when I made the decision to actually live at the studio, in fact, my kitchen sits midway between lounge area and classroom.

In this comfortable setting we offer approachable classes taught by professionally trained teachers that are guaranteed to help you understand what it means to have and how to work towards regaining use of the strength, flexibility, and fluidity that already exists within your body and mind.

The studio proudly offers Hatha Yoga classes at beginner, basic, mixed, and intermediate levels. Classes also on offer are Kundalini, Kid’s Yoga, Slo-Yo (a gentle stretch), and Improvement Thru Movement (a yoga-dance hybrid). Various weekend workshops are offered each month. Private Yoga classes and Trigger Point Therapy sessions are available upon request.

We also offer Prenatal Yoga for expectant mothers and Postnatal Yoga for new moms (infants are always welcome). It is my mission to prepare mothers so that they are physically and mentally ready for what lies ahead, by providing them with a strong foundation and a sense of community.

Debbie Vignovic, RYT
The Yoga Whole, Owner