Reopening Guidelines

1. Please do not come to the studio if you are sick, running a fever, or sneezing and coughing.

2. Class space is limited to 4 people plus the teacher. YOU MUST LET US KNOW BEFOREHAND THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING.

3. Please wear a mask upon entry to the studio.

4. Please maintain social distancing from others giving at least 6 feet clearance.

5. Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the front and/or rear doors upon entry.

6. Please check in at front desk. To limit shared contact there will be no sign in sheet.

7. The studio will continue to accept exact cash payment (no change will be provided) and checks. Please understand the use of a credit card at the studio means that you will touch my cell phone, which is something I would like to consider only as a last resort. Please for the time being (if you must use a credit card) make every effort to pay online using the PayPal shopping cart on the home page of the website.

8. The bathroom will be available for your usage. It is cleaned after every class but it is a shared space. Please be courteous and wipe down the surfaces you touched during your visit to the bathroom. There are an abundance of cleaning supplies available (including a signature homemade all natural disinfectant in a spray bottle).

9. Please bring your own mat and props.

10. Alternatively, if you want to use studio props (while supplies last) you may build a designated stack. You may leave them at the studio in a provided plastic bag. You are responsible for the cleaning of these props.

11. Please set up your mat in one of the spaces that have been marked by tape on the studio floor. Please set up behind the tape. The markings allow for a generous 6 foot spacing between students and the teachers.

12. Once you are settled on your mat MASKS ARE OPTIONAL. Everywhere else in the studio MASKS ARE MANDATORY including trips off of your mat during class.

13. Keep your mask handy for immediate use should you feel a cough or sneeze coming on...also if you hear someone else coughing or sneezing.

14. After class and before you leave your mat— please PUT ON YOUR MASK and wear it until you are off of studio property. Please maintain social distancing protocol as well.


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