The Basic Idea and Philosophy behind The Whole Way©

Simply put The Whole Way© teaches women and their birth partners Yoga Based Pain Management Tools for Labor and Birth. It is the belief of The Whole Way© that when a mother combines the basic tenets of Yoga Philosophy with Childbirth/Human Physiology she is set on a path towards a calm positive birth experience. 

These classes are about one simple thing: utilizing yoga philosophy and the underlying human physiology of childbirth to facilitate a calm positive birth experience. You won't need to be a philosopher, a neuroscientist or a physiologist to understand these ideas. I will show you how to turn positive powerful actions into easily accessible birth skills to be used effectively now for labor and later as parents and as human beings, because they are also life skills.

Yoga-Based Pain Management Tools for your Labor and Birth
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I did not invent any of this, but I've tried to combine and understand their relevance for labor and birth, in light of our evolved negativity bias, our evolved intellect, as well as the advent of technology and I have developed some systematic ways to turn the underlying physiology and philosophy of Yoga into easily accessible pain management tools for your labor and birth.  

The philosophy of Yoga is ancient but childbirth is even older, combining the two together with basic human physiology, may be a new spin, but more than likely it is just something buried deep but thankfully, still within our grasp. If nothing else, The Whole Way© is about developing skills to change your brain for the better. Childbirth is amazing and you will learn a lot about it. Over the course of six core classes I will give you an overview of how your brain and body works during labor, why you need to take charge of it, and how Yoga can help you harness this energy transforming it into a calm positive birth experience. I will also show you many effective ways to take in the "good" of labor and birth and become really skillful at the practice.

During these classes you will learn to "take in the good" which will encourage and grow more joy, calm and strength inside you. The inner strengths you need for birth are well-being, coping, and success--these strengths are all built from brain structure. However, to help our ancestors survive the brain evolved a negativity bias that, according to Rick Hanson, Ph.D., makes it like Velcro for bad experiences but Teflon for good ones. These classes are about solving that problem and building inner strength, learning which positive experiences will meet the three requirements for positive birth experiences--safety, satisfaction, and connection.

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