The Yoga Whole was established in 2011 and is a small yoga studio that is seeking to create a big sense of community. As owner of this Pittsburgh, PA studio, I knew that I wanted to create something different for my Mount Lebanon community, something that gave a real sense of belonging to the students and the teachers who would find their way through its doors, and not just another place to practice or teach yoga. It is the philosophy of The Yoga Whole that yoga is not something that you do merely for exercise, it is a lifestyle choice, a choice that becomes a part of the fabric of your life, your family, your community, your world…your Whole existence.

In this comfortable setting we offer approachable classes taught by professionally trained teachers that are guaranteed to help you understand what it means to have and how to work towards regaining use of the strength, flexibility, and fluidity that already exist within your body and mind. Going inward to learn where your body is and what your body can do is what Yoga is all about.

The studio proudly offers non-heated Hatha Yoga, Gentle, Restorative, a variety of child friendly classes, and Improvement Thru Movement (a yoga-dance hybrid) classes, something for the Whole family. We also offer Prenatal Yoga for expectant mothers and Postnatal Yoga for new moms (infants are always welcome).  Weekend workshops are offered each month. Private Yoga classes are also available.

The Yoga Whole is also home to a talented Massage Therapist with truly gifted hands who offers healing through Trigger Point Therapy.

As 2014 comes to a close I find myself branching out and giving "birth" to a new sister business to my beloved Yoga Whole, it will be aptly named The Whole Way. The Whole Way will provide Yoga and Doula Services for not only my Mount Lebanon community but to the surrounding Pittsburgh, PA area, as well. It is my mission to help prepare mothers so that they are physically and mentally ready for what lies ahead. The Whole Way is devoted to supporting mothers and their families throughout the Whole of this very special time by offering the following services:

  • Prenatal Yoga is open to women in all stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga practice, even women who have never done yoga before. These classes give a woman a strong foundation, a sense of community, and they provide the tools needed to help ensure a gentle birth. 
  • Postnatal Yoga is open to new moms and infants who have received clearance to return to exercise, this practice is vital for healing and crucial for connecting with other new moms. Allow this class to serve as a bridge to wellness that will help you thrive as a new mom to this baby.
  • Birth Doula Labor Support to provide continuous emotional, informational, and physical support for the complete duration of your labor and 1-3 hours attendance after your delivery.
  • Postpartum Doula Support to provide a wide variety of services to help new moms during the first 12 postpartum weeks to settle in and enjoy their amazning new baby.

The Whole Way Doula Services has its very own website, or click on the logo box above, and find out all the many elements that will help you and your family prepare to enjoy a positive birth experience. 

Debbie Vignovic, RYT, RPYT, Doula
The Yoga Whole, Owner