Simply put The Whole Way© teaches women and their birth partners Yoga Based Pain Management Tools for Labor and Birth. It is the belief of The Whole Way© that when a mother combines the basic tenets of Yoga Philosophy with Childbirth/Human Physiology she is set on a path towards a calm positive birth experience. 

THE KEY ELEMENTS OF THE WHOLE WAY©: addressed in each class are:

Yoga Philosophy

Labor Pain Management

Birthing Instincts

Childbirth/Human Physiology

Birth in America Today

Yoga Birth Tools

These classes are about one simple thing: utilizing yoga philosophy and the underlying human physiology of childbirth to facilitate a calm positive birth experience. You won't need to be a philosopher, a neuroscientist or a physiologist to understand these ideas. I will show you how to turn positive powerful actions into easily accessible birth skills to be used effectively now for labor and later as parents and as human beings, because they are also life skills.

Class 1: The Whole Way© is structured as the backbone on which I have devised the entire course, therefore it is a little longer (3 hours). This class can serve as an introduction for deeper learning and practice, or it can serve as an "intensive"- the class where you can a little about a lot of things, or it can serve as a "refresher" for subsequent births. Your birth partners are welcome, it is the perfect class for them to attend, as the rest are more geared to ingraining the skills into the mother.


Class 2: Movement (Asana) is examined as an expression of pain, for distraction, as an endorphin enabler, and as a primary and secondary tool.