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w/Debbie Vignovic
Yoga-Based Pain Management Tools for your Labor and Birth
PRICE: $20

Fear, anxiety and stress are the enemies in a birthing room. Let this workshop show you how Yoga-through the practice of Visualization and Meditation can allow your body and mind to function as it was created to function without the self-defeating tension that will cause your birthing muscles to clamp down rather than release.

We will be employing Visualization as a mental rehearsal, using your "mind's eye" to create simple imagery to self-induce a more relaxed state, one where you see yourself having an easier, gentler birth and a calm peaceful life.

This workshop will feature a brief discussion of various visualization and meditation practices and the many ways that they can be incorporated into your birth vision. The class will end with a guided deep relaxation meditation that takes you through the rainbow colored world of the Yogic Chakras and it employs the deep relaxation self-hypnotic technique used in Rainbow Conditioning, such as is used in Hypno-birthing type visualizations.  This meditation will help you move through your chakras, your birth, and all that comes after.

Its function is to condition body/mind to relax enabling you to tune out our surroundings, conditioning yourself through practice, to drop almost instantly into deep relaxation to be used during labor as a means of distraction- a means of detaching yourself from "looking at the pain" by visualizing something else.

Visualization, the practice of using powerful imagery is a way of using your body/mind deliberately and constructively to create a tool that enables you to accept, believe and have confidence that you will achieve your desired outcome.

A way to use your own body and mind to have a calm and positive birth experience.